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How do Women Win Wellbeing?

Get coached through a training system

that includes 10 CHAMP10N Wellbeing® Intelligences:

  1. Wellbeing Intelligence: WQ
  2. Economic Independence Intelligence: EQ

  3. Love Intelligence: LQ

  4. Leadership Intelligence: LQ

  5. Being Me Intelligence: BQ

  6. EMOT10NAL: EQ

  7. Identity Intelligence: IQ

  8. New Intelligence: NQ

  9. G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Intelligence: GQ​

10. 10 Intelligence: 10Q

Why 10 Intelligences?

You and Your Life Matter!

The 10 Intelligences are the MeQ® Skills 4 CHAMP10N Wellbeing® developed 2 discover what wellbeing means 2 you,

design how you want 2 be a CHAMP10N 4 your wellbeing and

develop your Game Plan 2 win your wellbeing.


What is our Three-Dimensional Training Model?

The Three-Dimensional Training Model is unique to CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® and works because it is holistic. By training a person in three dimensions vs. one dimension (professional development only), wellbeing is created for the whole person.











Why Three-Dimensional Training?

High achievers can be one-dimensional and often believe their one- dimensional focus is the key to their success. Their profession is often their identity, and they see themselves strictly about what they do vs. who they are.

Three-Dimensional Training creates high-performance results because it is driven by meaningful relationships, underpinned by character, and anchored in purpose. The desired outcome of 3D Training is to achieve balance between personal wellbeing in our lives, professional legacy in our work, and philanthropical influence in our world.

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Personally (Me) 4 Significance

Who I Am and What Matters to Me?

Professionally (We) 4 Success
What Do I Do With Others to Influence Excellence and Deliver Extraordinary?

Philanthropically (World) 4 Service
How Do I Give Who I Am and What I Do to Impact Our World?

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Join The Team and Train with Women
2 Win Wellbeing


Women Winning Wellbeing Training

Women Winning Wellbeing Training

  • Hosted Live Virtually on Zoom

  • Weekly for One Hour

  • Times listed in PST (Pacific Standard)

  • Investment: 10 Weeks, 10 Total Hours of Coaching and Training

  • $800 Per Person, includes a Playbook

WWW Training Dates:

1.   WWW 2.0 must complete WWW first*

Jan. 12- March 19, 2023 @ 8:30am-9:30am

2.   Jan. 19- March 23, 2023 @ 12:00-1:00pm

3.   Jan. 19- March 23, 2023 @ 3:00-4:00pm

To apply, contact:

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How do Women Win Wellbeing?

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Meet Veronica!

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Winning Strategies

  • In Leadership Q we work on The Power of Strengths. Discover what your strengths are, claim them, and own your Strengths so you can give them to others.

  • The Formula for raising our Leadership Q and winning our wellbeing is to start with listening, listen to learn, and learn to lead. The formula helps to focus on the bigger picture and how it will affect everyone being coached.  

  • In Leadership, recognize that everybody is truly unique, value their differences, and listen with CUR10SITY to get to know and understand people.

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Winning Strategies

  • Decide to honor, value, and Invest in YOU. Have the courage to go for what matters to YOU.

  • When a team is losing they regroup, they re-strategize, and they move forward onto the next game. The key is not giving up! Regroup, re-strategize, and keep moving forward in your life and your dreams.

  • The gift you give yourself is owning your choices and responsibilities, honor who you are and who you want to be in your 3D life: Personally owning your wellbeing and the value of it, professionally being competitively great, and Philanthropically is about giving hope 

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Winning Strategies

  • As women, how we win our wellbeing is by recognizing that we matter, recognize that you're enough, and show up for yourself.

  • Raise your LoveQ. Do not let the outside world define what it means 2 you your self worth, self-esteem, confidence, and identity. Love yourself from within and discover what LOVE means 2 you.

  • Embrace your losses and don't feel defeated by them. Learn and grow from them so you can keep winning in life. Win your week, win your day, win your moment because that's how you win your life.

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