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Chief Wellbeing Officers® Advisor

Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource

Officer for Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 company.

  • Former Senior Vice President and Chief of Human Resources Officer at Avery Dennison Corporation, beginning in 2007, duties spanned two continents, three industries, three CEOs and several thousand colleagues. Key Advisor to the CEO and Leadership Teams, architect of the HR function and advocate/guardian for the company values, culture and reputation.

  • Prior to Avery Dennison, Anne served as the head of Human Resources for Chiron Corporation, a $2 billion global biotech company based in Emeryville, California.

  • Preceding that, 13 years with Baxter Healthcare, a $9 billion medical device company where her last role was heading global human resources for the BioScience division.

  • Experience working in the industry of retail, the regulated and high growth industry of biotech and medical devices, and the globally dispersed industry of industrial manufacturing.

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Wales

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CONVERSAT10N: How do you approach a balance between beginning a family while maintaining a successful career? What are some winning strategies you can use to achieve your desired outcomes? Our guest, Anne Hill, discusses her personal experience in her 40 year corporate career on how she stayed Economically Independent while beginning a family. Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness; it is rather a virtue of strength. There may be challenges along the road, but knowing you are putting your best forward and being gentle with yourself are essential to achieve these goals.

CONVERSAT10N: What has your career taught you about economic independence and how do you define it? What are some performance barriers seen in the workplace, especially for women?  In this episode of 10 Talks, Carlette discusses Economic Independence with CHAMP10N Guest Anne Hill who has recently retired from a 40 year corporate career. Here, Anne shares her experiences with the workforce and how she views Economic Independence. She shares that work should be enjoyable; often times, we get overwhelmed and overlook our personal value and what we bring to the table.

CONVERSAT10N: What can individual well-being do for a business or corporation? In this episode of 10 Talks, Carlette talks with Anne Hill, the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 company. Anne has over 40 years of human resources experience in the corporate world. In Anne’s own words she states, “I am the chief advocate for the professional development and workplace well-being of 32,000+ employees and contractors spread across 52 countries”. Anne brought that wealth of experience to us as a part of The Life Training Academy’s CHAMP10N Wellbeing pilot team. You’ll hear Anne and Carlette give some insight into the program. Anne will also share with us what she learned about well-being and how the future of business can benefit from investing in it.

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