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Human 2 Human

Healthy Organizations,  Healthy People

These courses are an expansion of Carlette’s 30 years of pioneering coaching and training
combining the best practices of sports, business, and life.

Carlette’s coaching and training have been implemented globally
with hundreds of professional & collegiate athletes, coaches, corporations, executives,
university teams, professional sports organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

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This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886924977-7546) for 12 continuing education contact hours.

Sports Life Coaching Mental Health & Wellness Training & Certificate

Introducing the Sports Life Coaching Mental Health and Wellness Certificate. This course is a perfect primer for athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic administrators looking to become more psychologically-minded. Over the course of 12 modules, we cover a vast array of topics from how to identify symptoms of depression, anxiety, concussions, and eating disorders in athletes…and what to do about them…to practical advice on how to overcome common psychological challenges an athlete may face such as perfectionism, the yips, injury, and transition out of sport. The certificate course would be an excellent fit as a wellness component to a pre-season orientation program or as a refresher during the season to improve the health of athletes and to ignite the power of team. We look forward to supporting you to commit to peak performance and to become a better version of yourself on and off the field.

Course Investment:

$100 per individual (without coaching)

$5,000 (coaching included)

Implicit Bias Course

Do you or your organization need education about implicit bias and gender socialization in the context of student complaints? Do you believe collegiate athletics need to establish expectations for the role of the coach to avoid ambiguous definitions that result in complaints?

Because of this socialization and bias, administration often has its own expectations regarding how, when or whether athletes should bring concerns forward. This expectation can cause administration to listen more closely to complaints from one group and a less closely to complaints from the other, or how administration or investigators respond to the complaints, even if they come from a place of bias.

In addition to this, implicit bias can also separately affect the decision of an athlete of whether to complain about a coach and even how to verbalize the complaint. These complaints may have little to do with whether a coach is performing poorly or engaging in behavior that might justify the complaint; instead, they often come from a place of feelings rather than facts.

Each layer of these socialized, gendered and biased responses creates separate risks to the student, the coach and to the university. These risks cause substantial harm to many programs, coaches and universities. That risk can be managed with knowledge of how bias affects individuals and the implementation of a student complaint policy.

Without this information, the complaints continue, female coaches are harmed, resources are wasted and coaching, as a profession, is undermined. There is a better way.

Course Investment:

$100 per individual (without coaching)

$5,000 (coaching included)

Boss 2 Coach

Curious about How 2 Lead through Constant Change?

Incorporate Wellbeing?

And Empower Employees 4 Success?

Change from Boss 2 Coach

Boss 2 Coach Training equips leaders with the tools needed 2 empower employees 2 embrace change and win. Bosses are trained using the same coaching methodology used by sports teams 2 create champion results.

Boss 2 Coach Training Topics Include:

  • From Boss 2 Coach Training

  • Coaching 4 Change

  • Power of Team

  • W.I.N.:

    • WellBEING

    • Intentional Coaching

    • New Winning Strategies 4 Team Success

Course Investment:

Time: 32 Total Training Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$3,500 Per Person

Coach 4 Team Success

How 2 Train Corporate Teams 4 Success

Looking for the competitive edge that will take your team 2 the next level?

Do you want to equip your Team with training and tools 2 maximize their talents, develop them 2 be accountable for their individual success and create a Game Plan for CHAMP10N Change?

Train your Team in the Following Success Skills:

  1. Team Communication for Success

  2. Team Training for Success based on your Team’s Definition of Success

  3. Understanding Change and Change Management

  4. Winning Strategies for Team Success

  5. Emotional Management for Team Success

Course Investment:

Time: Total of 10 Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$1,500 Per Person

Coach 2 Win



Identify Desired Outcomes 

Navigate Change


Coach 2 Win Training changes Performance Evaluations 2 People Transformation.  When we care about how to teach, coach, and train our people to become better, day by day, they care about how to contribute their best, day by day, that is a win-win!


Coach 2 Win Training Topics Include:

  • Define Winning and Understanding How Each Person Contributes 2 Success

  • Identify Desired Outcomes and Create a Game Plan 2 Align Each Person’s Contribution with How 2 Achieve the Definition of Success

  • Navigate Change by Coaching New Skills, New Thinking and New Hope 2 Empower Each Person 2 Win their Day

Course Investment:

Time: Total of 10 Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$1,500 Per Person

Leadership 4 Results

Listen. Learn. Lead.

Care. Connect. Change.


“A leader without followers is just a person out for a walk.” -Unknown

Is what you do, leading people to follow you?

Are you leading by example?

If people follow your example, will it produce the results you want?

Leadership 4 Results Training Creates a Culture 4 People’s Success


Leadership 4 Results Training Include:

  1. How 2 Listen 2 Learn 2 Lead People

  2. How 2 Care and Connect  with People 4 Change

  3. How 2 Coach People 4 Success

  4. How 2 Lead a Culture through Constant Change Anchored in People Development 4 Company Results

Course Investment:

Time: Total of 10 Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$1,500 Per Person


In    tional



What is Your Impossible that You Are Committed to Achieving?

Today it is a crazy idea.

Tomorrow it is a breakthrough.
Be Intentional


Discover Your Breakthrough

Achieve Your Impossible

Our world, our lives, and the way we work are changing. Embrace the change. Get excited about going for your impossible. Go big, own your crazy idea for how to… and let the breakthroughs begin!

Intentional Training Includes:

  1. Impossible 2 I’m Possible

  2. Know Your When

  3. Know Your Why

  4. Know Your How

  5. Ignite the Power of Team

  6. Design Your Day

  7. Train 2 Experience Change

  8. Win Your Day

  9. Own Your Breakthroughs

  10. Achieve Your Impossible

Training Investment:

Time: 32 Total Training Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$3,500 Per Person

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