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CWO Certificat10n



H2H: Human 2 Human

1ndividualized; Investment; Impact
0utcomes; Ownership; Optimum Living

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Chief Wellbeing Officers®

Chief Wellbeing Officer® Certification
Hosted Live Virtually on Zoom

Weekly for Two Hours

Time TBD based on the time zone of participants

Dates:  January 14 - April 1, 2025

Investment: 12 Weeks, 24 Total Hours of Coaching and Training

$5,000 Per Person

To apply, contact:

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Chief Wellbeing Officers®


The Chief Wellbeing Officer® Certification is a combination of the best practices in sports, business, and life for an innovative model of wellbeing. 

The curriculum is a combination of research-based scientific approach and practical application-based coaching, designed 2 Win Wellbeing and demonstrate how the investment in people's wellbeing produces winning results in sports, business, and life.

The certification is designed for you 2 join a team of like-minded individuals and get coached 2 create a personalized wellbeing program based on your desired outcomes.

"The workplace influences every element of wellbeing. And organizations that believe hiring a person means hiring the whole person are poised for better, stronger partnerships with employees. Individuals who actively participate in their own wellbeing journey -- because their employer advises and supports them on that journey -- will create outcomes other companies can't match."

 A Case for Corporate Wellbeing

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Upon completion of the

Chief Wellbeing Officer® Certification

Individualized Wellbeing Implementation Plan:

  • Creating an individualized wellbeing plan for your team or organization:

  • Definition of Wellbeing

  • Measurable Outcomes for ROI

  • Needs Assessment to achieve the Definition of Wellbeing

  • How to create KPIs around Wellbeing

  • Gaps in current organizational structure needed to be changed, improved or developed to achieve the Definition of Wellbeing

  • G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Project: An implementation plan for the organization to commit actions for their Corporate Social Responsibility by giving hope in their community, for CHAMP10N Change. 

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What qualification does a person need to be considered for CWO?

  1. Champion for Wellbeing

  2. C- Level Executive

  3. Influence

  4. Buy in at the Top

  5. Great Leader, Walk the Walk

  6. Direct Management and Control

  7. Thought-Leader and Innovative

  8. Boundary Spanning

  9. Committed to Employee Engagement vs Compliance

  10. Champion for People and Change Management

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Chief Wellbeing Officer Certification Core Competencies:

1. Leadership 

  • Cultivate Strategic Influence for Change

  • Coachable and ability to coach for change

  • Motivate

  • Inspire

  • Build and sustain momentum

  • Mindfulness (focus and be present)

  • System-thinking capacity, ability to determine how the organization works, how to implement change and how to create and implement new concepts


2. Boundary Spanning

  • Ability to strategically influence up to President, CEO

  • Ability to strategically influence peer to peer

  • Ability to strategically influence direct reports


3. Comfortable with Change and the Ability to Manage the Messiness of Change

  • Problem-solver, ability to identify challenges and create actions for change

  • Continuously evaluate, improve, implement change

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