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Meet Your Team

Our Chief Wellbeing Officers CHAMP10N Commitments 2U


As a Team, our Chief Wellbeing Officers are  Committed 2 Being a Standard of Excellence – a 10 - 3D: Personally 4 Significance; Professionally 4 Success and Philanthropically 4 Service. Each person on our Team, each action we take - 3D-  is Connected 2 our Team Heartbeat. We are Committed 2 Being 4 Each Other. We are Committed 2 Being Competitively Great. We are Committed 2 G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. We are Committed 2 Igniting the Power of Team 2B CHAMP10NS 4 ME, WE & OUR WORLD.

Carlette Patterson
Chief Wellbeing Officers®
Allen, Mark 2015 11 24.jpg (1).png
Mark R. Allen, M.D.
Peak Sports Psychiatry, LLC
Dr. Joan Hunter
Lifestyle Medicine Board Certified Physician
Anne Hill
Chief Wellbeing Officers® Advisor
Dr. Kathy Matt
Chief Wellbeing Officers® Advisor
Lesli Sunshine
Stylist for Fabulous You
Brittany Abercrombie
Professional Volleyball Player

10 Talks Podcast Editor & Video Producer
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