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Lifestyle Medicine Board Certified Physician
  • Dr. Hunter is an Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Board Certified physician and wellness advocate

  • As a native of Louisiana, Joan grew up loving food. However, healthy lifestyles are not prevalent in the South and she grew up overweight and inactive.That changed when she moved to Atlanta for college, but medical school back in New Orleans led her back to some old habits.

  • Dr. Hunter's professional journey took her to the Pacific Northwest, where she learned over the last decade to be active and enjoy a new style of eating and living. She spent most of 2020 building upon her personal interest in nutrition and wellness to become Lifestyle Medicine Board certified.

  • She loves pairing the simple tenants of Lifestyle Medicine with her knowledge as a physician, as well as her experience as someone who has personally changed her habits to move into a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a plant-predominant dietary lifestyle, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and other non-drug modalities to treat, often reverse, and prevent lifestyle-related chronic disease.

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10 Talks CONVERSAT10N -

Nutrition (Part Two)


Learn about how to reduce cardiovascular risk, change your cravings, and the way to lose weight without counting calories.


  1. Using the MyPlate method, half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, while one remaining quarter should be lean protein and the last quarter should be whole grains. 

  2. Choose high quality calories such as brown foods rather than white foods (like rice) to maximize your natural fiber intake and help you feel fuller for longer.


10 Talks CONVERSAT10N -

Lifestyle Medicine on Sleep, Substances, and Connection


Learn about raising our Wellbeing Q including healthy sleep hygiene, new thinking about alcohol consumption, and the Power of Connection.


  1. New data suggests that there may not be a healthy level of alcohol consumption due to its impacts on the heart. Practice new thinking and ask yourself: “What does having a drink represent to me?” Is it about connection? Celebration? Relaxation?

  2. Raise our Love Q and ‘stat up’ how the heart feels after a social connection to find your “Heart Tribe” — decide if your relationships are a 10 for your and are worth investing in.


10 Talks CONVERSAT10N -

Nutrition (Part One)


Learn about raising our Leadership Q, the effects of the Standard American Diet, and why we should “eat the rainbow”.


  1. Look for convenient but healthy foods, like frozen fruit, and do batch cooking and meal prep to save time throughout the week.

  2. Dr. Hunter sets a goal with her patients to “eat the rainbow” by having five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, Different colors across the plant kingdom contain different phytonutrients, all of which are needed for optimal health. 


10 Talks CONVERSAT10N -

Intro to Lifestyle Medicine & Stress Management


Learn about the importance of lifestyle medicine, how to raise our Wellbeing Q, and keys for stress management.


  1. Lifestyle Medicine is focused on whole person wellness and healthy behavioral changes that can positively impact a patient’s health for a lifetime.

  2. Stress management includes recognizing different types of stress, a daily gratitude practice, mindfulness and meditation techniques, and self-care.

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