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CHAMP10N GUEST:  Nicole Maas, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Kitchell Corporation


Nicole’s 10 Moments:


  • Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Kitchell 

  • Named by Phoenix Business Journal as an Outstanding Woman in Business in 2018

  • University of Phoenix, MBA 2005

  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2001

CONVERSAT10N: How do you define Wellbeing? Are you a business executive, athlete, coach, parent, or student and wondering how to “handle it all”?  In this episode of “10 Talks”, Carlette introduces us to Nicole Maas, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Kitchell Corporation in Phoenix, AZ.  Nicole shares her experience of learning what Wellbeing is through Sports Life Coaching, how it impacted her life and how she’s using it in her business life. 

CHAMP10N GUEST: Anne Hill, Chief Human Resource Officer for Avery Dennison Corporation. 


Anne’s 10 Moments: 

  • Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for Avery Dennison since 2007 

  • Vice President Human Resources, Chiron Corporation, 2004-2006  

  • Vice President Human Resources, Baxter,

  • Human Resources Management, John Lewis Partnership, 1980-1990  

  • Volunteer Board Member, StepUp, since 2019 


CONVERSAT10N: What can individual wellbeing do for a business or corporation? In this episode of 10 Talks, Carlette talks with Anne Hill, the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 company. Anne has over 40 years of human resources experience in the corporate world. In Anne’s own words she states, “I am the chief advocate for the professional development and workplace well-being of 32,000+ employees and contractors spread across 52 countries”. Anne brought that wealth of experience to us as a part of The Life Training Academy’s CHAMP10N Wellbeing pilot team. You’ll hear Anne and Carlette give some insight into the program. Anne will also share with us what she learned about wellbeing and how the future of business can benefit from investing in it.

CHAMP10N GUEST:  Courtney Awe, Retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander


Courtney’s 10 Moments:


  • Lieutenant Commander, Supply Corps, US Navy (Retired)

  • Lead Business Systems Analyst, Finance Applications

  • University of Arizona, MBA, 2011 

  • Hawaii Pacific University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2006


CONVERSAT10N:  How does CHAMP10N WellBeing help you find what you’re passionate about and do it every day? What is Leadership Intelligence and how do you “lead yourself”  to be your best? In this 10 Talks episode, Courtney shares her journey from growing up on a farm in a very small town to becoming a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and then into her current career as a Lead Business Systems Analyst. 

Title: How to be a CHAMP10N for Your Physical Wellbeing with Larry Bernstein


CHAMP10N GUEST:  Larry Bernstein, National & International Bodybuilding Champion and  Full time Personal Fitness Trainer


Larry’s 10 Moments:


  • National/International Bodybuilding competitions Including:

    • Mr. Illinois 1982

    • Mr. America 1983 

    • 2nd Mr. Universe 1983, 1984, 1985

    • Mr. World 1985  

  • Professionally, Being a Full time Personal Trainer for 23 years Including:

    • Making a difference in a person’s life

    • Helping one to see what they’re truly capable of

    • Changing people’s confidence, mindset and love of movement

    • Seeing how exercise helps my clients through very tough times

    • When my peeps tell me how great they’re feeling, difference in strength and energy makes my day

  • Personally

    • The birth of my son

    • Hanging with family and friends

    • Epic mountain bike rides followed by yummy IPAS

    • Getting cool photos and video with my drone

    • Winning national and international bodybuilding competitions 


CONVERSAT10N:  How does fun, fitness and food = wellbeing?  In this 10 Talks episode, Carlette’s personal trainer and former Mr. Universe, Larry Bernstein, shares winning strategies for physical wellbeing, what to look for in a personal trainer, how to find the right type of exercise for you, and tips on how to eat for consistent energy. 

Title: CHAMP10N Wellbeing for College Coaches


CHAMP10N GUESTS:  Joi Williams, former College and Professional Women’s Basketball Coach and Melissa Luellen, Head College Golf Coach

Joi Williams’ 10 Moments:

  • 2019 Patterson Sports Ventures, Certified Sports LIfe Coach

  • 2019 - present, Clemson University Director of Quality Control, Women’s Basketball

  • 2017 - Assistant Coach, WNBA San Antonio Stars

  • 2007-2016 UCF Athletics Association Inc. Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 2003-2007 Murray State University Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 2002-2003 Clemson University Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 1984-1988 University of South Florida Bachelor Science, Marketing


Melissa Luellen’s 10 Moments: 

  • 20 Years as Head Coach, 5 x Conference Coach of the Year

  • 16 x NCAA Championship Appearances, 12 x NCAA Top-10, NCAA Team Title

  • 2015 - Present, Head Golf Coach Auburn University

  • 2003-2015, Head Golf Coach, Arizona State University

  • 2001-2002, Head Golf Coach, University of Tulsa

  • 2019 Inductee, Oklahoma Golf Hall of Fame

  • 2014 Inductee, WGCA Coaches Hall of Fame

  • 2000 Inductee, University of Tulsa Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Played 11 Years on the LPGA Tour

CONVERSAT10N:  How can Wellbeing help college coaches and their sports teams? Melissa Luellen and Joi Williams share how powerful wellbeing is for success - personally, professionally, and philanthropically. Hear about some Wellbeing performance barriers and winning strategies to overcome them. They discuss their experience in the CHAMP10N Wellbeing course and how they defined Wellbeing in their own lives.

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