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Wednesday Women

Winning Wellbeing-

with Veronica Bahn

Credentials: Veronica's 10 Moments:​

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Arizona State University

  • CEO and Founder of Side Hustle Expert, LLC

  • Managing Director for eWomenNetwork 

Winning Strategies:

  • Win and raise your Wellbeing Q, Economics Independence Q, Love Q, Leadership Q, Being Me, Emotional Intelligence, Identity Q, New Q, and Give Hope. It spells W.E.L.L.B.E.I.N.G and it’s all about Being Well and the definition is personalized. Be an expert in your wellbeing for YOU.

  • Be 4 You! We are so good at taking care of everyone and tend to leave ourselves out of the picture.  Honor yourself, your competitive spirit, and our 3 Dimensions to win our Wellbeing. It's about competing for you rather than anyone else and showing up to perform Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically.

  • Be Intentional.Stay in the game even when it's hard. Recognize what matters 2 You. 

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Wednesday Women

Winning Wellbeing-

with Jill Blackson

Credentials: Jill's 10 Moments:​

  • Attended Western International University getting a Bachelor of Business Administration 

  • Certified from Procore Technologies in project management and core tools

  • Currently project manager for Wood Partners

Winning Strategies:

  • In Leadership Q we work on The Power of Strengths. Discover what your strengths are, claim them, and own your Strengths so you can give them to others.

  • The Formula for raising our Leadership Q and winning our wellbeing is to start with listening, listen to learn, and learn to lead. The formula helps to focus on the bigger picture and how it will affect everyone being coached.  

  • In Leadership, recognize that everybody is truly unique, value their differences, and listen with CUR10SITY to get to know and understand people.

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Wednesday Women

Winning Wellbeing-

with Courtney Abrams


Credentials: Courtney's 10 Moments:​

  • Graduated as Doctor of Law from California Western School of Law

  • Previously worked as attorney for Merlin Law group

  • Current Banking Council at Western Alliance Bank

Winning Strategies:

  • Decide to honor, value, and Invest in YOU. Have the courage to go for what matters to YOU.

  • When a team is losing they regroup, they re-strategize, and they move forward onto the next game. The key is not giving up! Regroup, re-strategize, and keep moving forward in your life and your dreams.

  • The gift you give yourself is owning your choices and responsibilities, honor who you are and who you want to be in your 3D life: Personally owning your wellbeing and the value of it, professionally being competitively great, and Philanthropically is about giving hope 

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Wednesday Women

Winning Wellbeing-

with Celeste Wilson,

Owner and Principal Designer of FORM180,


Credentials: Natalie's 10 Moments:​

  • FORM180, an architectural interior design firm in
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Featured in Modern Luxury Scottsdale, Luxe Arizona, and Iconic Life magazines.

  • Before FORM180, worked for Abercrombie & Fitch,
    designing Hollister stores internationally

  • Applied her proficiency of spatial awareness to residential design, FORMing
    human connections with the environments she designs nourishes her passion for creativity

  • Her intention is continual evolution fueled by innovation and social advances

  • Can typically be found grounding herself in the outdoors with her
    husband and great Dane Artemis

Winning Strategies:

  • As women, how we win our wellbeing is by recognizing that we matter, recognize that you're enough, and show up for yourself.

  • Raise your LoveQ. Do not let the outside world define what it means 2 you your self worth, self-esteem, confidence, and identity. Love yourself from within and discover what LOVE means 2 you.

  • Embrace your losses and don't feel defeated by them. Learn and grow from them so you can keep winning in life. Win your week, win your day, win your moment because that's how you win your life.

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