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CHAMP10N GUEST:  Khalia Lanier, Professional Volleyball Player


Credentials: Khalia's 10 Moments:

  • Plays professional volleyball internationally

  • 2018 and 2016 AVCA and Volleyball Magazine All-America honorable mention

  • 2018 AVCA All-Pacific South Region Team

  • 2018, 2017 & 2016 Pac-12 All-Conference Team

  • 2018 and 2017 Pac-12 Preseason All-Conference Team

  • 2017 and AVCA and Volleyball Magazine first-team All-American

  • Three-time Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week

  • 2017 AVCA National Player of the Week

  • 2016 Pac-12 Freshman of the Week

  • 2016 Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year (High School)

  • 2016 Volleyball Magazine High School All-American

  • 2016 Under Armour All-American

  • 2015 Gatorade Arizona Player of the Year

  • MaxPreps No. 1-ranked Recruit

  • 2013 and 2014 Nike Tournament of Champions Most Valuable Player

  • 2011 USAV Future Select Team

  • Helped U.S. U18 Youth National Team to the 2015 World Championship silver medal

  • Human Biology Degree from USC

  • 17th player in program history to reach 1,000 career kills



  1. Tool 2 Use-Emotional Management.  Within high stress situations, emotions can make or break us. So we want to have love, passion, and joy in competing! If you’re afraid of looking bad, all of the sudden the joy dissipates.

  2. Don’t stack your rest and recovery day with all the things you were trying to get done throughout the week. It’s important to figure out your 10s and do them on those rest days. If we hold the mindset that we don’t have the choice and that we’re being forced- it’s sucking the energy and joy out of it. Find joy= find love.

  3. Thinking of how you need a person to be happy, or you’ll be happy in this one location, you become somewhat powerless. So how can you B4U and take what you’ve learned to empower yourself wherever you go? Look at the aspect rather than the activity. When something really resonates with your heart, break it down to its aspects because you can look for those things wherever and whenever.

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Inner Excellence

CHAMP10N GUEST:  Jim Murphy, Author, Sports Coach, Inner Excellence® Coach, Researcher, Non-profit Charity founder, Leader


Credentials: Jim's 10 Moments:

  • Author of Inner Excellence (Mcgraw Hill, 2009)

  • Ex-professional Cubs baseball player

  • Founder of the charity: Inner Excellence Freedom Project

  •  South Africa baseball Olympic training coach

  • Masters in physical education

  • Personal Trainer



  1. Learn How 2 Devote yourself to something meaningful- Achieve something important beyond material success. Ask questions like, What’s in your spirit? What’s in your heart? What are your deepest passions? Get a clear idea on these things.

  2. How 2 Use Love in a way of opening your heart but remaining authentic. You can’t have a divided heart, learning there’s no fear in love. Fear is a self centered thing and love is focused on others. You’re either walking in self protection or self expression and an ‘I need vs. what can I give?’ motive.

  3. There’s 4 goals of inner excellence- Give 100% of what you have that day, be present, be grateful, and focus on what you can control. It is a daily pursuit, recognize the difficulties and Find Ways 2 Remind yourself of these motives. Phone alerts? Sticky notes? Something to Set Yourself up 4 Success.

SEASON 5 10 Talks Cover Photos.png

From Change 2 CHAMP10N


CHAMP10N GUEST: Health Educator, Thought Leader, and Current Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness at Work Initiative, John Toomey

Credentials: John's 10 Moments:

  • CEO-Keynote speaker| Global Wellness

  • Australia Wellness Training Course Developer 2001

  • Life Wisdom Publisher

  • Degree in Physical Education with some Masters completion- serving 7 AFL teams as conditioning coach or nutritionist 

  • The Avatar Course- teacher 


  1. The change 2 make is recognizing and allowing yourself to feel some humiliation in the moment. It might switch the anxiety off, then you can laugh about it and decide How 2 Move forward from a different space. So smile 4 Your Wellbeing, it relaxes almost every muscle in the body. 

  2. Pressure can come from within. Choose 2 Be Grounded in who you are and be honest. It’s all about perspective. Be deliberate, if you create too much pressure you’ll lose that passion and it will show in the work you do. 

  3. It can be a red flag when you want to start to blame someone or something else. Take a Look 2 Analyze “hey, why am I here?” and see what you are really committed to. Choose to be a CHAMP10N 4 Your Wellbeing and know your standard of excellence vs. just taking

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The Olympic Journey

CHAMP10N GUEST: Jason McKenzie, New Zealand’s Olympic Committee Psychology Team, Athlete supporter, and Master Sports Life Coach

Credentials: Jason's 10 Moments:

  • Mental Skills coach for Super Rugby Aotearoa referees 2021

  • Mental Skills coach for Referees and Rugby World Cup 2019

  • NZOC psychology role at Youth Olympics in 2018

  • CHAMP10N Sport Life Coaching® – Master Coach 2016 - Patterson Sports Venture

  • Certificate in CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® 2013 – Patterson Sports Ventures

  • Grad Diploma Career Counseling for Elite Performers -Victoria University Australia 2007 

  • Master of Counseling – Massey University 2006 


1. Ego turns up, getting caught up wanting to serve and be a champion. But that can go outside of what we are good at. Learning How 2 Connect back- anchoring in purpose and strengths, being present helping to keep calm.

2. Normalize anxieties and validate them- Work on a mindset to prepare you with tools to use when it shows up. Choose 2 Anchor in the fact you train for this, can manage it and choose to use it as Action 2 Move Forward. Like anything- it comes with practice, practice, practice.

3. You can do whatever you would like if you have patience and are prepared to do the work. Create deep and meaningful relationships while taking opportunities when they show up. Understand what Wellbeing means 2 You- what you think it is, what it feels like for you, then what it really looks like-being clear, allowing you to be set up for success. Know what those passions are and chase them like hell.

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