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Certified Chief Wellbeing Officers®

Player Development Manager: 14 Years Athlete

Life Advisor: 17 Years

Athletes Coached: 350+

  • Certified Master CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach®

  • Current Player Development Manager, Professional Footballers Australia, delivering to the Wellington Phoenix Football Club, New Zealand

  • Current Athlete Life Advisor, High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), working with Olympic, World Championship, National Championship and Development athletes.

  • Pathway to Podium (P2) Athlete Life Advisor, HPSNZ.

  • Wellington City Council Talent Development and P2P programs.

  • Guest presenter to Massey University High Performance Academy and Staff.

  • Guest presenter to Victoria University of Wellington, High Performance Academy and Sports and Recreation Co-ordinators seminar.

  • Graduate Diploma in Career Counseling, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

  • Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling for Elite Performers, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Victoria University of Wellington

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CONVERSAT10N: Would you like to consistently perform at a high level in all dimensions of your life? The number of hours in a day is fixed, but personal energy levels are not. Managing your energy is a skill that, with intention and practice, can be mastered. Listen as Head Sports Life Coach Carlette Patterson and CHAMP10N guest and Master Sports Life Coach Helen Regan talk about the MeQ™ Skill, Energy Management. You’ll learn some Winning Strategies to use your 24 Golden Nuggets as efficiently as possible so that you have enough energy for all dimensions of your life (Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically) while living your “10” life.

CONVERSAT10N: This week, we continue the conversation we began a couple of weeks ago (episode 36) with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™. In this, the second part of the conversation, the coaches talk about the Power of Purpose and how they are using it personally and professionally during this uncertain season in life.

CONVERSAT10N: In sports, few things are certain except the rules of the game and the duration of the playing season where there is a beginning and an end. The global pandemic thrust everyone, not just athletes, out of our normal season and into a new season that has few rules and an unknown end date. In this week’s episode of 10 Talks Podcast, you’ll hear the first of a two part conversation with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™. They’ll share some Winning Strategies they use for themselves and their teams to help navigate this season of unknowns.

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